What is SwitchWall?

Switchwall is a new, revolutionary, and fully modular wall cladding system that allows you to add different materials, motifs, and accessories to interior or exterior walls, changing them to suit your individual requirements.


Our wall cladding system will make your home eco-friendly, functional and stylish. This new technology uses materials and accessories that have never been used for cladding. Switchwall offers you a huge variety of possibilities!

With Switchwall you can quickly and easily change your interior/exterior decoration. . Thanks to its entirely modular design, Switchwall is different from traditional cladding. With Switchwall, your walls will be trendy for a long time.

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See how your wall will look with the easy-to-use wall designer tool

Avec notre simulateur en ligne 3D créez votre aménagement mural gratuit. Rapide et facile, votre projet évolue en même temps que votre chiffrage.

Patented anti-theft device!

We have successfully partnered with a French design office to create a patented anti-theft system designed to protect your modules against theft while maintaining their robustness, ease of installation and maintenance, but above all the possibility of removing and exchanging the modules without difficulty.

Made in France

Switchwall promotes French excellence in all its expressions. All Switchwall modules, whatever their texture, are fully manufactured in France reducing the cost of transportation and minimising our carbon footprint.

Secure Payment

We accept Visa, Mastercard. All transaction pages utilise SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information. You may also select the PayPal service which also provides 100% protection against unauthorised payments.

Delivery Services

Switchwall products are delivered worldwide.

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