Our Company

Switchwall is a non-permanent solution that allows you to add different materials, motifs, and accessories to interior or exterior walls: wood slats, aged wood, plants, colourful metal textures, natural stones, gabions, but also a wide variety of accessories: shelves, TV stands, an ethanol fireplace, a barbecue, a coat rack, a basketball hoop, a chalkboard, lamps, photovoltaic panels, even plant holders. This innovative and unique system of modules creates your own personalized walls, changeable whenever you require, with no renovation costs or other renovation-related disturbances. We offer a wide range of products to individuals, but also to professionals for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

Our Founder

Alban was born in Cambrai, in the North of France, on November 20, 1985. He is the CEO of Switchwall Paris. The company was founded in 2017 to develop an innovative wall cladding concept: Switchwall. Alban is also the manager of ADC Couverture, a company specialising in roofing and insulation installation services.

ADC Couverture was launched in 2009. The company is specialised in carpentry, roofing, insulation, cladding, zinc plating, waterproofing, installation of Velux roof windows and solar panels as well as asbestos removal. Thanks to his expertise in roofing, insulation and cladding, Alban Dobremetz offers you with Switchwall the possibility to meet all your needs.

Labels & Designs

Switchwall products are protected by two international patents filed with the INPI. The company received the prestigious award of Observeur du Design 2018, which has been organised by the APCI, the French agency for the promotion of industrial design.


• Prix Unibal de l’innovation, décerné par l’Union Nationale des Industriels du Bricolage, du jardinage et de l’Aménagement du Logement
• Médaille de la société d’exploitation de la tour Eiffel
• Médaille d’or du concours Lépine 2018
• Mention spécial German Design Awards 2019
• Label Observeur du Design 2018
• Gagnant du concours Lépine Méditéranée 2018

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